Sustainable Health

Personalized Medicine

Gene Therapy

Disease Prevention and Public Health

Health Economics

Prevention of Substance Use and Addiction

Sustainability in Dentistry

Newborn and Elderly Care

Preventive Medicine

Healthy Buildings

Sustainable Interiors in Healthcare Buildings

Healthcare Interiors Enhancing the Well-Being of Patients

Indoor Comfort Control Measures in Healthcare Interiors

Adaptive Comfort Parameters; Thermal, Aural, and Visual for Elderly People in Healthcare Interiors

Sustainable Food And Agriculture

Sustainability In Food Science And Technology

Food Processing Technologies

Functional Foods

Food Security/Safety

Food and Nanotechnology

Post Harvest Technologies

Food Consumption

Food Storage and Shelf Life

Food Processing Waste Management Treatment

Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions
(Smart and Active Packaging)

Food Systems: Environmental, Economic, Social

Sustainability In Agricultural Sciences

Sustainable Agricultural Production Approaches

Agriculture and Nanotechnology

Smart Fertilizers and Pesticides

Sustainability of Crop Production and Consumption

Bioenergy and Bioeconomy

Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Agriculture Policy: Environmental, Health, Economic, Social Equity

Agricultural Waste and Reuse

Organic Farming

Sustainable Biotechnology

Biotechnology For Clean Industrial Products And Processes

Bioprocess and Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology-Microbial Biotechnology

Sustainable Raw Materials

Sustainable Research Technology and Application

Clean Industrial Products

Biotechnology For A Clean Environment: Prevention, Detection, Remediation

Biotechnology for Water Use and Conservation


Detection of Environmental Pollutants



Omics Science For Sustainable Biotechnology


Proteomics-Protein Engineering-Enzymes, Enzyme Discovery and Engineering

Metabolomics-Metabolic Engineering

Genomics -Gene Engineering

The Application Of Biotechnology To Industrial Sustainability

Biotechnology and Fuel Production

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


Medical Biotechnology


Textile Industry

Biosensors, Biophysics and Bioanalytics

Bioeconomy For Sustainability


Circular Economy

Sustainable Environment

Climate Change, Mitigation and Adaptation

Biodiverstiy, Conservation, Ecosystem Restoration

Green Deal and Global Effects

Water Resources Management and Water Footprint

Circular Economy and Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable Food, Land, Water, Oceans

Sustainable Energy

Energy Management, Policy, Economics And Sustainability

Energy Management

Risk Management in Energy Sector

Clean Energy Policies

Energy Markets

Regulation and Financing for Energy

Energy and Circular Economy

Energy Supply Chain

Energy Systems Automation and Integration

Energy Transmission and Distribution

Electricity Networks of The Future

Smart Grids

Energy Storage Technologies and Devices


Co2 Capture, Storage, and Management

Clean Combustion Technologies

Decarbonization in Oil and Gas

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Transport

Energy Efficiency in Energy Generation and Distribution

Sustainable Architecture

Energy Efficiency in Industry

Renewable And Clean Energy Systems

Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Application


Biomass Conversion to Heat, Power, Fuels, and Chemicals


Solar Energy


Wind Energy

Waste to Energy


Fuel Cells

Sustainable Social Life

Sustainable Cultural Heritage

Sustainable Social Life

Sustainable Family

Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainable Education

Sustainable City