About us

The Biochemical Applications Group (Biochemapp) constitutes an academic consortium established under the auspices of Professor Dr. Şenay Şanlıer's leadership. In the capacity of the Biochemapp collective, our core objective is the pursuit of scientific endeavors, primarily within the clinical domain, whilst vigilantly tracking advancements in the realm of biochemistry on both national and international scales. We extend our reach to encompass domains such as environmental and agricultural sciences, thereby contributing substantively to the body of scientific literature.

In addition to our research pursuits, we are committed to the organization of educational workshops and symposia dedicated to the application of biochemistry technologies. In this context, Biochemapp organized a course entitled "Cell Culture, Proteomic, and Genomic Applications in Personalized Cancer Treatment" at Ege University ARGEFAR in February 2016. Subsequently, the second course, "Nanotechnology and Its Clinical Biochemical Applications," was convened at Trabzon Karadeniz Technical University in August 2022.

Continuing our educational initiatives, the third and fourth courses, "Preparation of Nanoparticulate Systems, In Vitro and In Vivo Applications," in February 2023 and "Nanoparticles in Molecular Oncology Research" in July 2023, were held at Ege University, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers.

The founding members of the Biochemapp group, namely Associate Professor Dr. Güliz Ak Demiroz, Assistant Professor Dr. Habibe Yılmaz, Research Assistant Ümmühan Fulden Aydın, and Dursun Demiroz, alongside the leadership of Professor Dr. Şenay Şanlıer, have worked diligently to establish the group's presence. Our courses have attracted the participation of numerous researchers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, all distinguished in their respective domains.

The primary mission of the Biochemapp group is to extend its outreach to researchers at large, promoting their scientific advancement, and fostering a collaborative environment where researchers can convene to share their knowledge and experiences, thereby disseminating the latest developments in the multifaceted applications of biochemistry to a broader audience.

We cordially invite you to follow our events as we endeavor to acquaint you with the intricate realm of biochemistry and its diverse applications. Science flourishes and knowledge burgeons through the dissemination of information and the collaborative spirit that underscores our collective mission.